Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Spice Lab's Trill Reviewed on the Nokia E61i

So recently I have been trying to find a Twitter client that works well on my Nokia E61i, just so I can keep up to date with my Twitter account whilst on the move. I can hear some of you saying 'why don't I just use the web browser that comes with the Nokia E61i Symbian operating system?' Read more of the Trill review after the jump.

Well here in lies the problem; I don't like the default web browser on my Nokia E61i's Symbian operating system. It is too slow, it crashes if you try to load any site that is over one megabyte and just recently while using it in conjunction with the Orange's Mobile Internet service it will not allow me to login to my Twitter account, now this could possibly be a fault with the Orange Mobile Internet service or the default web browser on my Nokia E61i, I'm not sure, but I digress.

I began my quest to find a Twitter client on Nokia's Ovi store, where after searching for Twitter client, I discovered Trill from Spice Labs. I downloaded and installed the application with great haste, even though it gave a warning that Trill was not designed to support the Nokia E61i.

Trill Logo
Trill Logo

With this in mind I began using the Trill application, to begin with I found the interface a little confusing and difficult to navigate as switching between screens is very slow, though this is most likely down to the Nokia E61i rather than the application itself and that if Trill where to be ran on a newer Nokia phone like the Nokia N8 the speed issue would cease to be a problem. I persisted with Trill and found the application goes about its job of providing me with access to my Twitter account, even via the fore mentioned problem when using Orange Mobile Internet service.

Trill interface

Having got to grips with the basics of the Trill navigation, I was able to delve a little deeper into it. When it is used to tweet, it performs very well; it also provides you with a nice little animation of Spice Labs version of the Twitter bird flying off to Twitter with your tweet safely in its beak. Then after tweet has been posted it shows you a pop up message informing you that your tweet has been successfully posted on Twitter for all your followers to read.

Trill posting animation

When you want to @reply, retweet a message or visit a link, this is where the navigation might catch new users out. Let us say you want to @reply or retweet a message you have received from someone your following, you have to click on the desired tweet to get a selection of buttons, which drop down underneath, the buttons all do what they say on the tin so to speak (i.e. reply allows you to @reply, retweet passes the message onto your followers and so on). When you have got to grips with this your good to go.
One nice little thing the Trill client does is when you select the link button to visit an external website, Trill gives you the option to view the site either as it should look or you can choose the option to use Google's page optimiser for mobile phones, though this option doesn't always work due to the fact that not all websites have this piece of code just before the tag:

<link href='alternate_page.htm' media='handheld' rel='alternate'></link>

If you try to use the mobile phone option and the site doesn't have that code it loads up an error message and you'll have to go back to the tweet and load it up again, this time as it's meant to be viewed.

There are some other issues with the Trill application for my Nokia E61i, for example even though Twitter is being constantly updated with messages from people you follow, the minimum refresh interval the Trill will allow is 15 minutes, think what you might miss in between those updates. Also be careful to change this from the default refresh interval time which is one hour. Also you will not be able to update the Trill application straight after another refresh procedure; instead it will show you a warning saying that the refresh procedure takes some time. This might not be down to the Trill application itself and more to do with Twitter, trying to protecting its servers from being overloaded with requests.

Apart from these minor issues some of which might not be a fault of the application, I have quite enjoyed using the Trill application on my Nokia E61i it has allowed me to keep in contact with my Twitter account even when the default Symbian web browser and the Orange Mobile Internet service will not. However due to the fact the Trill is not designed to support the Nokia E61i (and it shows) my quest to find a Twitter client will have to continue.

If you want to try out Trill for your self you can get it here.

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