Saturday, 28 May 2011

Anglepoise miniture lamp

So its been a little delayed getting on to this blog but I thought I would share with you my modelling project which has been going now for some time though I am enjoying putting this thing together, so about a month ago my modelling tutor a Mr Paul Briggs set us a piece of course work to construct a scale model from a piece of iconic design.
We could choose anything, some people chose furniture from well known iconic designers like Charles and Ray Eames with such items like their Eames Lounge chair, or Verner Pantone's S chair. After contemplating what to do as my model I decided to attempt to create a scale model of George Carwardine's original 1227 anglepoise lamp. During this time I decided to document my progress with videos and pictures of the build, with these collection of blog posts I would like to share with you my first journey into scale model making.

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